Lucky Day, a free sweepstake mobile app with over 10 million downloads and up to 4 million daily active users
Product Development, QA, DevOps
AWS, New Relic, Kibana, Jenkins, .NET


The Californian-based creator of a gaming platform that allows users to win money and earn daily rewards by playing lotto, raffles, and other games needed tech expertise to build a great mobile app and hit the market. The company had a basic iOS application that was, however, slow and difficult to scale. They turned to ITRex for full-cycle software development, a move that turned into a successful long-term partnership getting their app into the top charts.

Our team took on the following challenges:
Provide full-cycle development services to build an Android mobile app (initial project setup, documentation, configuring environments, build releases)
Migrate the iOS app to new, scalable infrastructure
Design an app architecture that can be scaled to millions of users
Build a full game functionality
Set up databases
Integrate the app with multiple 3rd party APIs, including payment systems (PayPal), ordering engines (Zinc), ad networks (Fyber, AdColony and TapResearch)
Perform complete testing services
Update the product regularly, including for new versions, service packs, patches, and features


A cross-cloud Android and iOS app based on .NET that is compatible with multiple operating systems, and simple to maintain and scale
Two-week release cycles, with each update bringing both new features and performance improvements
CI/CD pipeline setup and adoption of best DevOps practices
A total of 120+ releases and 50+ major features implemented
The speedy introduction of a bunch of easy-to-play games: daily scratch cards and lotto, as well as raffles and sweepstakes contests that allow players to win real money or gifts cards from top brands, such as Amazon or Walmart, with no in-app purchases or deposits
The implementation of a new fun feature, a Piggy Bank, at later release cycles, which idly generates tokens, prizes and cash, with upgrades available to increase the rewards
The introduction of a Piggy Safe, another source of tokens, which players can find by scratching cards and playing a mini-game based on a competitive PvE interaction; the mini-game rewards real cash, while allowing users to “steal” tokens and money from each other
Daily tokens when players log in
A referral feature that rewards players with tokens for inviting friends
A leaderboard that resets each day, showing trophies that players have earned
Social feed
An anti-fraud system
Integration with the Venmo digital wallet, PayPal for redeeming cash Amazon S3 for data storage, and an email service
Full testing across popular mobile platforms, including requirements testing, new features testing, and regression testing
DevOps for Mobile App Automation for Lucky Day
DevOps for Mobile App Automation


The gaming app allows users to try their luck at winning money and feel all the thrill of casinos without spending money
Through partnership with ITRex, the app achieved 5x faster software delivery and feature implementation under the Agile approach: a total of 120+ releases and 50+ major features implemented
The app has quickly gone viral to exceed over 40 million downloads to date

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