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Leading tech companies trust ITRex to adopt DevOps solutions by uplifting culture, technology, and processes. Our DevOps consulting company works to break the wall between Dev and Ops for problem solving through joint effort instead of in silos. And by shifting focus to agility, tighter feedback loops, and rapid iterations, we ultimately help you get a process that simplifies software delivery and maximizes its velocity.
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Continuous Integration
Regularly merging code changes into a central cloud repository enables teams to find and fix bugs quicker, improving code quality and accelerating update releases
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Continuous Testing
Automated tests run in parallel with every build and delivery remove the major roadblock — i.e., testing — which delays delivery. Shift left strategies allow catching issues early, driving efficiency
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Continuous Delivery
Automatic preparation of code changes for an automatic release to testing and preproduction environments ensures that your developers always have deployment-ready deliverables
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Continuous Deployment
Automating the entire release process using container technologies allows teams to push deployments into production and implement rollbacks in a click, with code automatically checked for issues
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Splitting an application into smaller, separate services that run their own processes gives flexibility to scale and deploy any service without disrupting other teams
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Infrastructure as Code
Servers, storage, and databases provisioned by writing code save your teams the trouble of manual provisioning and deployments, allowing them to interact with the infrastructure programmatically

Our DevOps services and solutions

As technology is changing the business landscape, our DevOps consultants are here to turn your company’s modern challenges into a competitive edge. From CI/CD to cloud DevOps services, microservices, managed services, and digital platform strategies, we provide DevOps consulting and implementation services that help you make the most of new technologies.

Infrastructure and Operations Management Containerization Transformation Strategies Our DevOps consulting services and end-to-end DevOps solutions will help you get your cloud infrastructure right and align operational needs with business demands. With IaC strategies, you will be able to manage infrastructure at scale. Leverage our DevOps expertise to modernize legacy applications. With our containerization strategies, you will get efficiency through using fewer resources, built-in system availability, resiliency, proactive security, and unprecedented scalability. Our DevOps consulting firm assesses your existing infrastructure, processes, security, costs, and risks, to bring your systems to the desired state. You get a roadmap outlining good candidates for the cloud, action points for automation, the right tools, or configuration recommendations.
Capacity and Availability Management Automation Managed Services Use smarter tools to automate performance benchmarking and monitoring to ensure that cloud resources are optimally sized, proactively uncover issues, or quickly identify whether recent code changes make the application more resource-intensive. Through automating infrastructure provisioning, testing, integration, and deployment, we help speed up releases and reduce defects in your software. Our DevOps experts and consultants use the latest tools to ease the load on your teams and cut IT overhead. Build your software — we will take care of the rest. We will set up automated processes to give you the benefits of cloud-based DevOps solutions, and then manage them. By outsourcing our DevOps consulting services or solutions, you start getting results from day one without wasting time on team setup.
Release Management Monitoring and Enhancement Training Advanced release management orchestration tools, such as release automation or ticketing or configuration management, help you integrate best practices to increase the number of zero-downtime deployments. Apart from 24/7 support of your applications, we can establish monitoring and reporting systems for performance measurement and issue detection. From resource utilization to uptime, availability, and other KPIs monitoring, we have you covered. Boost your IT team’s knowledge of the latest DevOps trends, tools, and leading practices through our Centers of Excellence. Our DevOps consultants and engineers will explain how to go with a cloud model of your choice, orchestrate containers or build CI/CD.

DevOps consulting services and solutions: We actually make the difference

Our tech veterans roll up sleeves and build elite practices. You own them. We’ve helped a number of companies to breathe a top DevOps culture — and want to help you too.
Experience. Working with companies of all sizes for more than a decade, our DevOps services company understands your unique challenges and have the experience needed to transform your people, processes, and tools.
Expertise. Our DevOps expertise comes from working with top DevOps performers like Google, Hewlett Packard, and Oracle. From containers to CI/CD, clouds, IaaS, PaaS and, SaaS, we do it all, professionally.
Tech agnostic. Our DevOps company can automate your CI/CD pipeline in a cloud-agnostic environment and being proficient in a variety of DevOps tools, we’ll carefully select a perfect fit for your needs.
Proven track record. We’ve successfully completed 600+ projects and served 200+ satisfied customers across the globe.

Benefits you get with our DevOps services

With over a decade of experience, our DevOps solutions company will make sure that you glean every benefit from fast iterations, on-demand infrastructure provisioning and configuration, lightweight architecture, next-level security, and test automation tools. Your business agility will stand out from the pack, with risks mitigated and costs reduced.

Why ITRex DevOps company

more frequent software deployments
faster lead time from commit to deploy
lower change failure rate
faster time to recover from failure
Tangible DevOps benefits reported by lead performers (source: DORA)

Our DevOps tech stack

Itrex’s team are experts in their trade. The software development they provided was critical to advancing the project to the next level.
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Jeff Block
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When you hire them, you're actually going to get something valuable.
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Daniel Schuler
Itrex is an outstanding partner. They don't even feel like a contractor, but more like a fully integrated team.
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Ashley Lewis
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