All-encompassing cloud computing consulting and implementation services

We embrace an end-to-end approach — from thinking over the strategic aspects of cloud adoption and migration to cloud, security consulting and cloud infrastructure management. Our team of cloud consultants, business analysts, developers, and DevOps engineers will ensure that your cloud environment is efficient, safe, and high-performing.
Cloud Adoption and Migration
Our vetted cloud solutions consultants dive in your tech infrastructure and study your needs to help you adopt the best-fit cloud migration strategy. We re-platform and modernize your apps and put APIs in place to integrate the newly migrated applications with enterprise software at minimal risks
Cloud Infrastructure Management
We configure, monitor, and optimize the components of your cloud infrastructure, setting up DevOps, DevSecOps, and Infrastructure as Code practices to ensure optimal usage of cloud resources and high software performance with no downtime
Cloud Optimization
We analyze your cloud infrastructure, detect under- and over-provisioned instances and idle resources, and identify security gaps to remove performance bottlenecks, achieve 99.9% uptime, and lower your cloud computing costs
Cloud Application Development
We are well-versed in working with AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and other cloud platforms and are ready to use our knowledge to implement a resilient and high-performing cloud app of any kind — from a mobile app back end to a complex AI-powered system

Expert consulting on cloud-native and cloud-agnostic solutions

We consult on and build IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS solutions to let you capture the cloud value with the most fitting implementation. To balance technology, risks, and costs, while keeping your business goals in focus, our cloud computing consultants orchestrate multiple deployment models.

Private cloud. Securely govern sensitive data, keep your operations under control, and enjoy wider opportunities for customization
Public. Provide easily accessible cloud computing consulting and implementation services and launch scalable solutions without infrastructure provisioning and maintenance headache
Hybrid. Achieve great agility and reliability in handling data and resources, balancing the advantages of on- and off-premises deployment
Multicloud. Avoid vendor lock-in and take advantage of best-of-breed cloud solutions to expand your service portfolio and business reach
Distributed cloud.Target location-dependent use cases, eliminate latency issues, and massively reduce the risk of downtime

Every aspect of cloud adoption, taken care of

From analyzing your business needs and providing cloud strategy consulting all the way to employee training, we dedicate to proactively delivering quality service throughout cooperation. Our business analysts work hand in hand with solution architects to make your cloud adoption and usage journey as smooth as possible.

IT infrastructure assessment
Our cloud computing consultants get a grip on your critical infrastructure, application dependencies, estimated costs, and business objectives to lay out cloud use cases and optimization opportunities and pave your way to risk-free cloud adoption
Our solution architects and engineers design a future-proof, secure, and compliant cloud architecture, choose an optimal tech stack, and come up with a detailed cloud adoption plan in line with your business objectives
Development and deployment
We oversee cloud deployment or, if needed, implement your cloud infrastructure, setting up best practices to speed up and even automate the development process
If you already have a cloud environment in place and seek to optimize resource consumption, improve compliance or cut operating costs, we can do that for you, providing cloud infrastructure consulting and optimization
Ongoing support
We will track and optimize cloud resource usage and spend, extend your cloud services portfolio, perform compliance checks, and provide employee trainings to keep your cloud workflows swift, secure, and aligned with your business processes

Cloud computing consulting with ITRex: our value proposition

Our mission as a cloud consulting firm is to help you undergo digital transformation with reasonable effort and little to no risk. Our cloud consulting services are dedicated to making your cloud infrastructure drive tangible business value, not costs.

Scalability from day one Built-in security Compliance with industry-specific standards Room for innovation A cloud infrastructure that will scale flexibly along with your business for unstoppable growth Advanced security tools and best practices of cloud security consulting for utmost data protection Comprehensive compliance controls for HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GDPR, and other standards A perfect environment for deploying AI, ML, IoT, and other next-gen solutions
Why work with ITRex?
Vendor-agnostic. We are not tied to any specific cloud platform provider, so we only resort to those cloud tools and technologies that are a perfect fit for your project and workflows.
Top cloud architects with niche skills. With a 300-strong team, we bring in professional BAs, skilled cloud solution architects and DevOps engineers, as well as R&D department to fill any talent gaps.
Diverse expertise. A cloud computing consulting company with 13+ years of experience, we provide cloud consultancy and deliver software for ecommerce, fintech, healthcare, logistics, real estate, and many other industries.
Proven track record. We’ve successfully completed 600+ projects and served 200+ satisfied customers across the globe

Technology stack

Itrex’s team are experts in their trade. The software development they provided was critical to advancing the project to the next level.
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Jeff Block
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When you hire them, you're actually going to get something valuable.
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Daniel Schuler
Itrex is an outstanding partner. They don't even feel like a contractor, but more like a fully integrated team.
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Ashley Lewis
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