Electric supplies and equipment wholesaler
Retail, eCommerce
Product Development
Adobe Commerce


The customer, a US-based wholesaler of electric supplies and equipment, turned to ITRex to give their ecommerce business a fresh start. The customer’s legacy ecommerce website was difficult and expensive to maintain, so they landed their eye on Adobe Commerce. ITRex was commissioned to execute the migration to the new platform.

Specifically, we were tasked with:
Crafting a customized ecommerce solution based on Adobe Commerce maintaining the look & feel of the legacy website
Seamlessly migrating all the assets, including products, product categories, customers, and order history to the new platform, making sure no data is lost
Configuring the new solution in a way that allows accurately replicating the customer’s workflows
Implement custom features that would allow the customer to make more personalized shopping experiences
Integrate the new solution with an ERP and a payment system for more agile processes


The new Adobe Commerce-based solution has the good old look & feel but boasts many advantages over the legacy website
Customization of Adobe Commerce’s B2B module allows accurately recreating the customer’s workflows, causing no disruption to business processes
Seamless migration of products, categories, customers, and order history from the legacy website ensures all of the customer’s assets are safe and accessible
Implementation of new custom features, such as pricing rules, customer groups, barcode search, and shopping cart configuration, allows the customer to create tailored ecommerce experiences for different customer groups
Integration with Epicor Prophet P21 ERP allows simplifying customer management, inventory management, and other processes
Integration with Vantiv payment system simplifies payments
Configuration of the admin panel and fine-tuning of Adobe Commerce infrastructure allows surpassing the platform’s quantitative limitations and lets the customer to catalog more than 13,000 categories


The customer gained access to Adobe’s marketplace of extensions and features, which made adding new functionality quick and stress-free
Since the new ecommerce solution runs in the cloud with maintenance included in the Adobe Commerce subscription fee, the customer is guaranteed stable website performance with no downtime
The customer is now able to access Adobe’s products that allow introducing newer, advanced features and are easily integrated with the ecommerce solution, such as Adobe Sensei, Adobe Marketo Engage, and others

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