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Our client, a company that provides physical security risk assessment services for a variety of facilities, including hospitals, stadiums, critical infrastructure, and data centers, relied on manual processes to gather survey data from customers about their property for a risk audit, analysis, and reporting. These outdated methods were hampering their productivity and efficiency. It was clear that something should be changed. The client approached ITRex to develop a solution as part of its automation development services that would simplify their survey data analysis and reporting. They needed an automated reporting tool with wide capabilities.

Our task was to:
Perform product discovery to identify the client’s pain points and needs and develop a solution (user stories, requirements, architecture, and tech stack)
Build and test an automated reporting tool


An automated reporting tool enabling the client’s consultants to analyze detailed survey data submitted by property developers, owners, and event organizers about their projects. Using this tool, the team can speedily and efficiently assess the safety and protection of the physical assets, ask for additional details, develop roadmaps for mitigating vulnerabilities, and create comprehensive reports:
Ability to set up surveys, adding people, processes, physical assets, and concerns for security risk assessment
APIs to integrate Google Maps for collecting rich location information and adjusting security plans
Fine-tuning of the client’s database storing location data to improve its logical and physical consistency, and its integration into the automated reporting tool to allow consultants to add environment data missing in surveys for high-quality risk assessment reporting
Compiler of standardized multi-section risk assessment and internal cross-enterprise reports
Microsoft APIs enabling consultants to extract and upload web-based reports for making changes to the content
Security solution to ensure regulatory compliance and meet customers’ privacy and security guidelines


Increased efficiency of survey data analysis and reporting processes
Improved accuracy of risk assessments
Significant reduction in the amount of time and resources needed to perform assessments
Reporting consistency and the possibility of generating ad-hoc reports

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