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A global leader in SaaS solutions, with a customer base of around 30,000 businesses, embarked on a journey to enhance their signature document management platform. They aimed to provide their users with a more powerful experience, one that would streamline their workflow and improve efficiency. As part of this endeavor, the company planned to introduce a next-level .docx importing and exporting module that would enable their customers to effortlessly convert .docx files into digital documents within their document management platform and back again into MS Word. The document converter libraries they used delivered a poor data element accuracy of 30%, leaving their customers unsatisfied. As the release date for their major updates loomed, the company turned to its long-standing partner in software development, ITRex, for help. They asked ITRex to assign a dedicated team to build a custom document converter tool under a tight deadline.

Our task was to:
Conduct a detailed business analysis to identify and refine the company's document converter requirements in close collaboration with their stakeholders. This included a cumbersome mapping of data elements converted from one system to the other
Build the custom document converter and modify multiple applications in the client’s document management platform for smooth integration
Test elements built by both the in-house and ITRex teams, including performing automated regression testing


The custom document converter tool built by ITRex allows users of the client’s document management platform to seamlessly upload and download documents in MS Word format while eliminating the tedious task of reformatting them. With the import feature, users can convert any .docx or .doc file into an editable document with just a couple of clicks for review or eSigning within the client's platform, without spending time on readjusting the text formatting, paragraphs, or layout. With the export feature, they can convert any digital document to a .docx file just as effortlessly. The converter retains the original page settings and transfers all types of content, including images, videos, links, and tables, without changing the positioning of the embedded objects. Our team encountered a few technical challenges while building the document converter. One of them involved mapping all elements of digital document and MS Word files for a correct translation of input and output data. In particular, MS Word allows for use of a great variety of stylistic and structural elements, while the client’s document management platform can add formulas and calculations to its tables so that they could work as Excel spreadsheets. The two systems also have different measurement units for fonts and different color profiles, which also posed an interpretation problem. With the help of experts from our R&D lab, the ITRex team created algorithms for correctly translating file formats, helping the client meet their conversion accuracy KPIs, set at 85% for the import feature and at 95% for the export feature. Additionally, we built an engine for monitoring the client’s system for regular updates and optimized the converter's speed and performance to ensure it could handle simultaneous export requests without interruption. And, we figured out a solution for previewing how a document would appear in the client’s platform before it is imported.


The custom document converter has streamlined the process of uploading and downloading documents for thousands of the company’s customers, enabling them to focus on more important tasks and increasing their productivity
It has become a valuable asset for the client's document management platform, providing a competitive edge over other similar tools available in the market
The converter has also contributed to a significant improvement in customer satisfaction as its ability to preserve the original format of documents has led to a reduction in errors and frustration, resulting in increased customer loyalty and positive feedback

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