Multinational telecommunications company
Software Development, Data Engineering, Data Architecture, Data Warehousing, Cloud Migration
Oracle, Linux, Bash, IBM Cognos, Azure


Serving over 15 million subscribers and processing billions of call detail records (CDRs), an EU-based telecommunications leader grappled with challenges. Beyond the vast scale of their operations, they operated a colossal on-prem database, riddled with numerous reporting flows. Many of these flows had become outdated, leading to extended processing times and bugs in scripts that hampered their efficiency. Their core dilemma was the need to enhance their data engineering capabilities without a significant budgetary expansion. They weren’t just in search of a cost-effective outstaffing solution but sought a partner who could introduce cutting-edge knowledge and advanced practices in the realm of data warehouse modernization. They approached ITRex for data warehousing expertise.

Assigned task
Initially, their request was clear-cut: integrate five of our data engineers into their in-house team to bolster their data warehousing operations
While our initial task was augmentation, we swiftly moved to deeply understand their vast data terrain, from CDR processing intricacies to subscriber analytics
Given the sensitive nature of telecom data, adhering to their stringent data security protocols was paramount to ensure every CDR and subscriber detail remains confidential
As an external team, it was crucial to resonate with their organizational culture and speak their language, ensuring a cohesive working environment
As they saw our capabilities and commitment, they entrusted us with larger roles, evolving from mere data engineering support to leading entire project rollouts

Our collaboration

Database Support: Began by aiding ETL operations in an on-site Oracle database which pooled data from sources like call centers, retail systems, and external providers for daily revenue insights and other key metrics
Integration of New Data Sources: Connected and integrated numerous new data sources into the existing system
Robust Reporting: Managed 30,000-40,000 report workflows, revised and removed outdated ones for a lean system
Direct Access to Raw Data: Empowered analysts with direct data access, enabling efficient report creation
Team Growth: Diversified our team with more data engineers, testers, business analysis, and project managers to strengthen data warehouse operations and oversee the rollout of new reporting processes
Data Warehouse Modernization: Added new layers to the data warehouse and developed data marts for advanced scaling and analysis
Safety: Set up a safe environment to test new reporting functionalities with near-live data without the risk of data breaches
Performance Optimization: With script optimizations and engineering solutions for glitches inherent in legacy reporting tools, we significantly improved data processing
Training and Knowledge Transfer: Provided extensive training to analysts for smooth system adoption
Cloud Migration: Took the lead in moving a portion of the database to a Big Data platform in Azure
data warehouse modernization for telecom giant


Reduced operational expenses significantly, allowing the client to achieve more with the same budget
Boosted processing speeds, transforming hours-long tasks into those completed in mere minutes or seconds
Introduced sophisticated data warehouse layers and practices, leading to better scalability and targeted analysis
Ensured a zero-data-leak environment, establishing trust and confidence in handling near-live data
Successfully migrated a significant portion of the database to Azure, preparing the client for future scalability and innovation
Sustained partnership by growing from a five-member augmentation into a 50-member strong, dedicated team, demonstrating reliability and consistent delivery over 15+ years

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