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A startup that had a breakthrough idea of marrying advertising and gambling turned to ITRex for technical audit and subsequent product discovery. As the product was novel, the client looked for a partner with solid R&D and technology consulting expertise to conduct all the needed discovery activities on a tight deadline.

Specifically, we were tasked with:
Honing the client’s business idea
Thinking out the aspects of product compliance
Selecting an optimum platform to build the solution upon
Working out an optimum UX approach
Perfecting the logic behind the solution and the innards of the rewarding algorithm
Designing an anti-fraud strategy


The novel mobile-ready web application provides a space for advertisers to run their ads in a way that catches viewers’ attention, as well as reward the viewers for watching with a set amount of money. Think: TikTok but for ads. Viewers, in turn, are encouraged to pay attention to the ads with the possibility to claim a reward. To do so, they press a corresponding button that appears on screen for a few seconds. The button is shown to random users and at random time. To prepare the product for development, ITRex’s discovery team carried out the following activities:
A discovery team helped perfect the business idea, honing the logic behind the rewarding algorithm.
Since the product combines the elements of both advertising and gambling, we had to think over potential product compliance issues and work out strategies that ensure the solution meets all the necessary regulations.
As the product had stringent time to market expectations, the discovery team advised to opt for a mobile-ready web application instead of a mobile app. This helped save time that would otherwise be spent on getting verified by Google Play and App Store.
The UX/UI design team crafted an intuitive user experience that makes it convenient for advertisers to manage ads campaigns and ensures an enjoyable viewing experience for users.
The discovery team worked out an anti-fraud strategy, too, that would prevent viewers from skipping ads. This way, an initial idea of displaying the “claim reward” button on every tenth ad was left out. Instead, the team opted for the button being randomly shown to users.


With the business idea honed and the logic powering the application perfected, the client felt confident to carry on with the development process.
With all the needed deliverables on hand, the client managed to win another round of investment and commissioned ITRex to bring their product to life.

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