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A North American owner of several solutions, including an online printing service, an online embroidery service, and an ecommerce store that allowed partners to register and sell their own customized items, as well as let customers place printing and embroidery customization orders, failed to orchestrate their work across channels. Moreover, the client used to manage partners and customers by phone, which was rather inconvenient. Other problems included a large number of spammy order requests, high bounce rates, and a low number of monthly unique visitors. Originally, the client wanted to review their user flows to improve the ecommerce store usability. Following a thorough ecommerce website audit, the client decided to expand their request and build a new back office solution for digitizing and orchestrating all of their ecommerce, order, and partner management workflows across business lines. ITRex took on both challenges.

So, we were tasked with:
Carrying out an ecommerce website audit
Designing a new back office for digitizing all ecommerce, order, and partner management workflows across business directions


Ecommerce website audit
After crafting a functional structure of the client’s solution, ITRex’s business analysts and UX designers discovered that the client’s user journeys were too complex. The functional structure of the solution prevented the client’s customers from successfully finding the desired items and completing orders.
Based on the audit, we compiled a list of recommendations that could help improve the ecommerce store usability: leave out spam requests, make the catalog more accessible, and simplify the ordering process.
Back office design
The back office features the partner and the staff modules that ease collaboration for both the client’s customers and employees.
Dividing all platform visitors into authorized and unauthorized users and introducing a registration and verification process helps leave out spam requests and better manage registered customers/partners.
Automatic notifications sent to the client’s staff about the registration of new users help verify them quickly. Once a new user is verified, the staff can quickly assign a partner manager to the user for a more agile service.
The product list functionality allows registered partners to conveniently access and view all items they are currently selling.
The analytics module gives a look into the sales data and allows generating all kinds of related reports.
The staff area allows the client’s employees to manage partners and customers digitally without having to rely on phone calls.


By acting on the recommendations ITRex’s team crafted following the ecommerce website audit, the client could improve their ecommerce store stats, attracting and retaining more customers, as well as offering them a better customer experience.
The new back office solution, on the other hand, allowed the client to switch from phone-based to a fully digitized and partially automated partner and customer management process. This removed the vital obstacle on the buying journey and simplified daily work for the client’s employees.

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