Leading supplier of pharmaceutical products
Product development
Swift, Firebase Cloud Messaging, APNS, Combine, REST API, WebSocket


The client, a leading supplier of pharmaceutical products and services, was looking to develop a mobile application that would increase employee engagement and collaboration. Before turning to ITRex, the customer had the team collaboration platform implemented as a web application. However, it did not provide enough usability. Due to the customer’s lack of mobile development expertise, they decided to fill in the skills gap by partnering with ITRex.

Specifically, our task was to:
Implement the team collaboration platform as a native iOS app retaining the functionality of the original web application
Improve app usability by rethinking the existing user flows and adapting them to the mobile platform


ITRex built a user-friendly iOS application, designed to improve group communication among the customer’s employees and increase their engagement with the company. While crafting the mobile collaboration platform, the ITRex team strived to replicate the functionality of the existing web application, as per the customer’s request. We did, however, introduce changes to the user flow that helped users reach the desired functionality in fewer steps, as compared to the original web app. The solution for the pharma company was realized as a native iOS application written on Swift, built with the help of up-to-date frameworks. Integrated with the customer’s back end, the new mobile collaboration platform had custom functionality for exchanging information and media, creating and managing events, browsing news feed, and more. Specifically, its key functionality spanned:
Easy mobile-based authorization
Creation and management of user profiles
Creation and management of user groups
Group communication allowing for the exchange of media and attachments
Creation of messages, management of drafts, and viewing of message history
Creation and management of events
News feed
Built-in video conferencing
Push notifications


The mobile application was successfully released to the App Store (although only company employees could sign up in the collaboration platform due to the implemented authorization mechanism), replacing the web app and offering a more convenient way for the customer’s employees to cooperate and communicate.
Application monitoring tools show that the app is highly stable and runs with no glitches.

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