A US-based marketplace
Legacy Software Modernization
Magento 2


Our client's online marketplace, which enables US users to pay for their purchases in installments to boost their credit scores, faced significant performance and maintenance issues. These problems were a result of Magento 1's official support discontinuation and an outdated version of MySQL that the client couldn't update due to Magento 1 constraints. With a user base of over 6 million and connections to over 1,000 brands, it was crucial for the marketplace to undergo a much-needed modernization.

ITRex was tasked with:
Designing in collaboration with the client a cost-effective solution that would preserve the current platform’s customizations and existing logic while functioning as a headless CMS to accommodate a bespoke interface
Providing end-to-end migration services


After eliciting requirements, examining the client’s data ecosystem, and evaluating different strategies, we dismissed a Magento 1.9 upgrade and starting from scratch alternatives due to excessive costs and time constraints. Faced with the choice of migrating to Adobe Commerce or the Magento 2 open-source platform, our assessment revealed that the open-source platform's capabilities were well-suited to fully meet the client's needs, providing a cost-effective solution. Thus, we opted for this path, executing the migration with precision and achieving the following:
A comprehensive data audit followed by the creation and implementation of a detailed data migration roadmap to ensure secure transfer of all data and configurations
Recreation of all custom logic and functionality from the Magento 1.9 marketplace on the Magento 2 marketplace, leveraging the platform’s rich customization capabilities
Reengineering and configuration of Magento modules, including the Unirgy uDropship extension
Development of a custom API to facilitate a unique UI for cross-platform compatibility and extensive customization
Upgrade of the database to a more recent version of MySQL
Website speed optimization following migration


100% accurate data migration
Access to advanced functionality that comes with the newer edition of Magento
Minimized vendor lock-in due to Magento 2’s open-source nature
Remarkable improvements in ecommerce store performance
Increase in traffic
Codebase optimization

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