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In the age of COVID-19, the demand for everything digital skyrocketed and notarization services were no exception. In response, almost every state in the US passed legislation to permit the use of digital notarization. For one global provider of document automation software, this presented a unique opportunity. With privacy concerns around third-party videoconferencing solutions, our client set out to build their very own remote notarization platform. It was designed to become a cutting-edge addition to their suite of digital document management solutions. But they needed the right experts to make it happen. That's where ITRex came in. As the client’s long-standing tech partner with deep knowledge of their products and expertise in delivering seamless software solutions, we were the perfect fit to augment the in-house team working on the new digital product.

Our task was as follows:
Helping the in-house team build the core parts of the remote notarization solution: user verification, videoconferencing, and notarization tool

Our solution

A remote notarization platform developed by ITRex and the client has made online notarization easier, faster, and more secure. Our client's document automation offering has never been stronger, thanks to the unique features of the new product:
Seamless two-way audio-visual connection technology eliminating in-person notarization sessions
Ability for notaries to create their notary profiles by sharing commission details, uploading stamps, and creating signatures in just a few clicks
Easy-to-use notary dashboard for managing appointments, storing and downloading notarial acts
Notarization session email or direct invitations, and reminders to document signers
Knowledge-based identification system with ID credential evaluation to ensure the authenticity of every document signer during the session
Smart document upload using ML technologies to recognize and allocate signature fields for an easy digital signing process
A powerful Edit mode that lets users make changes to documents during the session without interrupting the workflow
E-signing mode that allows document signers to sign digitally
Ability for multiple users to work on the same document together in real-time, regardless of their location
Cloud-based storage for keeping electronic journals, audiovisual recordings, and notarized documents accessible for viewing and downloading
Top-notch security measures in place for every step of the process — all audio and video is encrypted at REST, and documents are encrypted and stored via AWS. The platform also utilizes the latest SSL technology to process stored information, ensuring maximum protection for all users' data


A fast, seamless digital experience with no hassle of in-person notarization sessions
The complete, end-to-end document notarization experience, all within a single application
Top-notch security that allows users to rest easy knowing their data is protected against any breaches
Reinforced leadership in the document automation market for our client

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