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Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) content — i.e., videos and audios that evoke a tingling, sedative sensation beginning on your scalp and moving down your whole body — has been trending up since 2010. Today, the clips of people cutting soap, brushing their hair, and picking locks garner up to 16 million views on YouTube, becoming a top 20 content category on the platform. And while scientists have been slow at explaining the ASMR phenomenon (mostly because of limited research funding), early studies suggest sensory stimulations cause our bodies to produce oxytocin, which is also known as “love hormone.” Overall, the soothing, comforting effect of ASMR content has proven beneficial for individuals battling insomnia, anxiety, and depression. With several applications for the fitness and wellness segment in our portfolio, ITRex was keen to take on an ASMR app design challenge.

Our team pursued the following objectives:
Conceptualize an ASMR content creator platform, which could serve as an alternative to YouTube and allow independent ASMRtists to monetize their videos directly
Empower users to support and engage with content creators via a dedicated ASMR app


Before designing the ASMR app for content creators, our UI/UX services team joined forces with the business analysis unit and performed extensive market research. This helped us better understand the independent content creator trend and define the ASMR app feature set. We assume that the content creators' platform would need the following components to compete with major social networks and video services:
A cloud-based infrastructure for content uploads, storage, and delivery
A scalable back end facilitating the ASMR app business logic, updates, and third-party integrations
A web-based admin console for content management and moderation
The ASRM app design concept we’ve come up with includes:
User accounts for ASMR app content creators and their audience (with distinct functionality)
Social features: likes, follows, comments, live chat, YouTube-inspired content feeds
Donations and subscriptions driven by the integration with third-party payment services
Convenient filters for artist and content search


At ITRex, we put user experience first in every mobile app development project, especially if the application’s goal is to ease stress and promote a healthy lifestyle. That’s why our client found the ASMR app design concept highly appealing and is currently investigating funding opportunities. If you have an idea for a content creator platform bringing together independent artists and their dedicated following, drop us a line! Our UI/UX specialists will flesh it out and, together with the tech team, guide you all the way to a hassle-free product launch.

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