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A US-based non-profit organization dedicated to advancing pharmacist-provided health services faced the challenge of offering a convenient way for patients to track their vaccination history. They turned to ITRex for a pharma software solution that would allow patients to access their vaccination records and monitor upcoming vaccines.

Crafting vaccination management software required:
Creating a cross-platform mobile application for displaying patient vaccination information
Implementing a back-end system for invoice generation


The ITRex team devised a comprehensive vaccination management software system consisting of several components: a cross-platform mobile app, blockchain data storage, a mailing and an SMS subsystems, and an invoice generation subsystem.
The vaccination management software system provides detailed information on current and upcoming vaccines, including vaccine names, doses, status, last update date, location, and pharmacy information.
The cross-platform mobile application enables patients to quickly and securely access their vaccination history and upcoming vaccine schedule based on the records created and verified by pharmacists.
In order to authenticate users, vaccination management software checks if a patient with the provided phone number exists in the partner’s blockchain the mobile app is integrated with.
Patient data is retrieved from the partner’s blockchain. This helps make sure that vaccination information is verified by medical professionals and timely updated.
Robust security measures are in place to ensure that only authorized patients can access their vaccination data. Data storage is separated from the application layer.
The integration with SMS services allows users to receive SMS notifications for secure access.
As soon as a new vaccination record is created and validated by pharmacists, a PDF invoice is generated and emailed to the provider, streamlining the billing process.
vaccination tracking software
vaccination management software


The vaccination management software system allows patients to easily access and track their vaccination records, making informed decisions about their healthcare plans
The automated invoice generation and tracking mechanisms streamline administrative processes and reduce errors
Robust security measures and authentication processes ensure the confidentiality and integrity of patient data
Patients and healthcare providers can conveniently monitor vaccination schedules, ensuring timely immunization

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