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Whatever challenges you’re facing, our data analysts tackle them head-on, turning data into actionable strategies for your success.
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Big data analytics services, tailored to your business

Armed with over 13 years of experience in the game, our data analytics company not only solves your unique data issues but also creates bespoke data analytics solutions from scratch. We handle everything — collecting, cleansing, and analyzing your data, ultimately transforming it into a gold mine of practical insights.

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Data Strategy Consultation
Harness our expertise to create a first-rate data analytics strategy. From design to refinement, our plan fast-tracks decisions, unearths data patterns, and syncs with your ambitions.
Data Analytics Deployment
We architect and integrate a big data analytics solution that is ready for immediate needs and future growth. Expect data lakes, ETL pipelines, interactive dashboards, predictive modeling, and big data infrastructure.
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Data Analytics Revamp
We elevate your existing data analytics solution, optimizing for maximal ROI and catering to emerging analytics needs, unlocking the power of next-gen technology for your business success.
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Holistic Data Management
We establish a resilient data management framework, streamlining your data collection, storage, access, security, and analysis procedures. With us, your data paves the way for efficient, data-driven decision-making.
Business Intelligence
Experience advanced business intelligence at your fingertips. Our big data analytics services equip you with interactive, intuitive visualizations to make your data speak volumes.
Advanced Analytics and AI
Using AI and data science techniques, we provide you with predictive and prescriptive analytics for a competitive edge. Benefit from high-precision data mining, rapid data validation, enhanced time-series analysis, and modern data architecture.

Transform your business with data mastery

Turn the page on traditional business intelligence. Our big data analytics services are your key to unlocking a world of possibilities. Your roadmap to the future of business intelligence begins here.
Unlock Your Data Potential
We don’t just analyze; we uncover unseen opportunities for growth, optimizing performance, and boosting revenue through our strategic data analysis services.
Build a Powerful Data Ecosystem
We help harness the power of on-premise or cloud-based infrastructure to consolidate data from every corner of your organization into a dynamic enterprise data platform.
Tailor Data Models
From straightforward forecasting to complex machine learning, we devise industry-specific models to deliver the vital insights your business requires.
Empower Through Self-Service Analytics
Imagine a team where everyone — not just the tech-savvy — can ask critical questions and get insightful answers. We make this possible with robust data governance and user-friendly dashboards.
Cultivate a Data-Driven Culture
Data mastery extends beyond technology — it's a mindset. We shepherd your business transformation, nurturing a deeply data-driven ethos that fully integrates analytics into your processes.

Our big data analytics services in action

There are virtually no limits to what we can do with your data. The use cases below are just a few examples of what’s possible.

Understand and predict customer behavior

Upsell and cross-sell strategically Build recommendation engines Reduce customer churn Using clickstream and CRM data, our data analysis company identifies the optimal strategies for upselling and cross-selling to individuals and organizations, increasing your revenue per customer We harness your sales data to create sophisticated AI-driven recommendation models that plug seamlessly into your ecommerce tech stack We deliver big data predictive analytics solutions that help to determine which customers will churn (and what would incentivize them to stay)

Optimize your operations

Accelerate routine decision-making Adjust prices for locations and segments Minimize asset downtime Many of the routine decisions made by humans can be carried out by plug-and-play data analytics solutions, freeing up employees’ time for value-creating activities By analyzing your sales and pricing data in combination with historical and current market trends, we can compute ideal pricing models that attract more sales Predictive maintenance solutions determine how to efficiently schedule repairs to reduce downtime, and how to address technical problems before they happen

Make better financial decisions

Detect credit and fraud risks Streamline your supply chain Make smarter purchasing decisions Automate financial decision-making to get a fast credit score for any customer requesting a payment plan, or get instant notifications of fraud risks Analyze and understand how all of your suppliers are performing in order to identify bottlenecks and see which vendors aren’t pricing competitively Monitor the life cycle and performance of any equipment you purchase or lease, so you can accurately determine which products give you the best ROI

How does our data analysis company collaborate with you?

From data analytics consulting to assistance with building advanced data analytics platforms, our experts do it all, starting with carefully assessing your data quality. You get a comprehensive suite of data transformation tools, primed to deliver direct, tangible actions that empower your organization.

Our big data analytics company takes a deep dive into your existing data, challenges, and IT capabilities to see where the opportunities are.
Next, we nail down use cases and discuss them with you to clarify the functionality the data analytics solution should provide.
Before starting the project, we carefully map the entire delivery journey to get the desired outcomes, working hand-in-hand with your team.
We develop your solution for data analysis while testing and refining it with each iteration to ensure we meet your business needs and objectives

ITRex: a data analytics company you can trust

Vendor-agnostic. We aren’t tied to any providers, so we only recommend technologies and data analytics services that we believe are right for you.
Top talent with niche skills. With our 230+ strong team, we bring in data scientists, senior data analysts, elite developers, and our R&D department for the trickiest challenges.
Diverse expertise. We have 13 years working on hundreds of projects across many industries, from ecommerce to fintech, healthcare, real estate, and beyond.
Proven track record. We’ve successfully completed 600+ projects and served 200+ happy clients across the globe.

World-class tech stack

Itrex’s team are experts in their trade. The software development they provided was critical to advancing the project to the next level.
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Jeff Block
VP of Process and Technology
PotentiaMetrics, Inc.
When you hire them, you're actually going to get something valuable.
Daniel Schuler
Daniel Schuler
Itrex is an outstanding partner. They don't even feel like a contractor, but more like a fully integrated team.
Ashley Lewis
Ashley Lewis
Director of Product Management
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