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Software Development
.NET Framework 4.8, SQL Server, Entity Framework 6.0, Massive, Gentle.NET, Telerik UI, JavaScript, CSS


A US-based provider of a holistic ERP system for manufacturing and distribution companies was struggling with misaligned ERP capabilities. Critical issues included outdated technology, ineffective integration with other systems, poor reporting capabilities, and an inability to manage complex business operations effectively. Additionally, custom modifications were necessary to meet specific business requirements. Lacking the necessary internal expertise to optimize their flagship ERP product, the client sought ITRex's specialized software development services for an ERP upgrade.

Our task included:
Revamping and upgrading the ERP system hosted in Azure to improve its performance and ensure its relevance in the ever-evolving technological landscape
Identifying and rectifying existing bugs, as well as crafting customizations from the ground up to meet the specific needs of end users

Our strategy

Our approach involved a comprehensive initial evaluation of the ERP system to understand its architecture, strengths, limitations, and alignment with the client's business goals. We identified critical areas needing enhancement, leading to the development of an actionable strategy for ERP upgrade. This strategy was executed with precision and success. Our deliverables included:
A banking API integration for seamless handling of incoming and outgoing payment transactions, enabling short-term storage of transaction history within the system for audit trail purposes
Upgrade and expansion of the manufacturing module to improve manufacturing order processing and scheduling, eliminating non-essential dependencies for more streamlined operations
Development of custom business models within the system, notably for a cannabis enterprise, streamlining their complete workflow from cultivation, processing, and packaging to batch labeling with a unique identifier
Successful integration of the ERP system with an ecommerce platform using NopCommerce, a leading ASP.NET-based shopping cart solution
Successful integration with QuickBooks, an established US accounting software, which involved navigating complex authentication and authorization protocols
Enhancements in the desktop ERP version for optimal functionality in remote areas with limited internet connectivity, ensuring efficient inventory management regardless of internet quality
Upgrade of the reporting features to support customizable reports
Optimization of data processing to reduce server load and improve overall system performance
erp upgrade
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Our project enhanced operational efficiency and transaction management through banking API integration and manufacturing module upgrades
Integration with NopCommerce and QuickBooks modernized the ERP's ecommerce and financial capabilities
Enhancements in remote area functionality improved ERP's performance in low-connectivity settings
Optimization of data processing significantly reduced server load, resulting in around $1,500 monthly savings for the client

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