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In a highly competitive market of PDF editing tools, our client, a prominent document automation software provider, was well aware of the challenges they were up against. Despite this, they were determined to stand out from the competition and add value to their customers by creating a free PDF editor that would incorporate the most sought-after features from other popular tools. The goal was to create a versatile solution that could cater to a diverse range of user needs, while also serving as an add-on to their signature document management platform. Recognizing that they needed additional support to achieve this goal, the client turned to their trusted software development partner, ITRex, for help.

Our task was as follows:
Providing top-notch professionals to augment the in-house development team in building the free PDF editor. In particular, we were responsible for creating a secure, intermediary, cross-service solution that could ensure the accurate conversion of scanned documents using ML OCR technology

Our solution

Our platform is designed to be an all-in-one PDF toolkit that can handle a wide range of user needs. Using a Python-based engine for ML technology (OCR), the platform accurately recognizes fields for e-signing. In addition, it incorporates a Java-based service that takes the coordinates of the fields as input to split the document into blocks and transfer them correctly to a digital format. This ensures that the converted documents are accurate and of the highest quality. The platform offers a variety of editing and conversion operations, allowing users to work more efficiently. For instance, it enables users to:
Combine multiple PDFs into a single document
Divide large documents into smaller files for easier sharing and editing
Compress PDFs in minutes without losing the original resolution
Convert files in various formats into PDFs
Provide legally binding e-signatures
To further address privacy concerns, we incorporated several security features into the platform, including data encryption, user authentication, and access control. This ensures that all user data is protected and kept confidential at all times.


Increased customer satisfaction that is driven by a free PDF editing tool with a range of capabilities
Improved efficiency, with the PDF toolkit helping users save time and effort on performing various editing and conversion operations with their documents
Competitive advantage for the client seeking to stand out from their competitors and differentiate their product offerings

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